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What should I expect for my first visit to Sparrow House?

If you are a new client attending your first appointment at Sparrow House, please plan to arrive 10 minutes early and be sure to bring your completed Intake Forms, as recommended by your therapist, with you to your first appointment. Upon entering our waiting room, you will notice that we do not have a receptionist.  Please have a seat, make yourself comfortable and your therapist will soon come to greet you.

Are Sparrow House counselors on my insurance plan?

Finding the right therapist can be a very hard endeavor.  Finding the right therapist on a specific insurance plan can be even harder.  Over the years we have found that managed care insurance plans can often create more problems than solutions for our clients.  Confidentiality is threatened, fees are controlled by the insurance agencies, and healing is delayed.  At times particular plans do not allow for the best therapeutic interventions, limiting the much needed help that a client is seeking and dictating the entire process of counseling.  All of this happens at the expense of the client.  Therefore, though we work to see that our clients are reimbursed by their insurance carriers, we have decided that staying away from the control of managed care is best for our clients and clinicians.

How long is a session and how often will I meet with a counselor?

An average individual session lasts 45 minutes. The frequency of sessions and length of treatment depends on the goals established in therapy, severity of the issues, and the client’s willingness to actively participate. You and your counselor will determine together the frequency and length of treatment.

Will my insurance cover counseling costs?

We recommend that you call your insurance company and ask about your out-of-network mental health benefits. At the end of your session with your therapist you will receive a receipt with the necessary information for you to file directly with your insurance company.  Some of our clients choose to file for reimbursement using their out-of-network benefits and others prefer not to submit their claims for privacy reasons. Your therapist will work with you regarding any necessary documentation needed by your provider.  Please note that payment is due at the time service is provided.

What if I have to cancel my counseling session?

There is no charge for any session cancelled with at least 24-hour notice prior to the scheduled appointment.  Sessions cancelled with less than 24-hour notice will be assessed the full fee.

What if I do not have insurance?

In today‚Äôs economic climate, we understand that most people have a tight budget.  At the same time we want folks to get the help they need.  Sparrow House has LPC Interns and practicum students who work at lesser fees for the clients who qualify for reduced rates.

How do I get started?

Fill out the new client appointment request form or give us a call. We will match you with a counselor who best meets your needs.

Client Forms

  Below you can find forms to print, fill out, and bring to the office. If you have any questions about which ones are for you, please contact us.