What You Need to Know About Adoption


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November is National Adoption Month, and we would like to share a good resource that gives adoptive parents (and all of us) a glimpse into the life of an adoptee’s journey. Here are 5 examples shared from the adoptee perspective from Sherrie Eldridge’s book, Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew:

1. I suffered a profound loss before I was adopted. You are not responsible.
2. My unresolved grief may surface in anger toward you.
3. Just because I don’t talk about my birth family doesn’t mean I don’t think about them.
4. I am afraid I was ‘given away’ by my birth mother because I was a bad baby. I need you to help me dump my toxic shame.
5. I am afraid you will abandon me.

Pick up this book if you would like more insight into adoption and how adoptive families may navigate the realities of adoption. This month we celebrate all the beauty of adoption while also attempting to honor the loss involved in the creation of adoptive families.