Articles from: February 2017

Eating Disorder Prevention

What Can I do?

Eating disorder prevention starts at home.

Eating disorders are on the rise all over the world, and Dallas is no exception. At their worst, eating disorders lead to death. At their “best”, they can lead to months and years of life lost to obsession over food and weight, secrecy and struggle.

This month is eating disorder awareness month. Eating disorders are caused by biological, social, psychological and environmental factors. Like most mental health disorders, eating disorders don’t happen in a vacuum. Prevention starts at home; there are things…

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Significance Without an Other

February is often celebrated as the month of love.  As one who was single until my mid thirties, Valentine’s Day was often what we liked to refer to as “single awareness day.”  A day when the rest of the world celebrates love with their significant other and those who are single often find themselves alone and wondering if in fact they are significant without an “other.” 

Just a few thoughts as to how those of us who are married can encourage our single friends:

1. Ask:  I never appreciated the question,