Articles from: November 2016

Learning to Befriend Your Pain

We all long for connection with others. The need for relationship is not a weakness, it is God’s intentional design. Our very creation is the overflow of his relational love, evidenced by the relationship between Father, Son and Spirit. But enjoying the highs of human love and connection means we will also experience the lows of grief when that connection is lost. Grief is the inner thoughts and feelings we experience when we lose a loved one. Mourning is the external expression of what we internally experience. According to Dr. Alan Wolfelt, while grief is a natural human…

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Politics and Fear

If you’ve been alive recently, you might have noticed there is a rather heated race for President of the U.S. The recent debates have given the two major candidates the opportunity to share their platform and share issues with the opposing one. The purpose of these is supposedly to help voters make a more informed decision when casting their vote. However, it often seems that each candidate is more concerned in convincing those undecided voters that the other party is the worst choice. Without getting too political, it is clear that both parties rely on one key…

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