Articles from: June 2015

The Sting of the Salt

As I sat with my toes gripping the grains of sand and my skin soaking up as much Vitamin D as my body would allow, my attention was suddenly drawn to something very specific. I had been daydreaming in my favorite beach chair with the waves crashing just above my ankles for approximately a minute, when all of a sudden I became hyper aware of a cut I had on the outside of my right foot; something that had been practically nonexistent prior.

While I became more and more painfully aware - literally - of the sore…

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Sleep (B)Log

As summer approaches, I always reminisce about summers spent at camp.  I loved everything about summer camp except one thing—rest period.  Are you kidding me?  With so many fun things to do around camp and a belly full of food to give me energy after lunch you are telling me that I have to rest for an hour before I can play again? Life is so unfair!!!  As an adult, I now realize that mandatory rest time at camp was not only a genius idea, but a very necessary one at that.  Research…

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