5 Tips for the Perfect Christmas Season


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If comparison is the thief of joy, then what are we doing??

I don’t know about you, but every year it feels like Christmas comes earlier and earlier.  We can’t even make it through Halloween before the store shelves are filled with the decorations, candy, and gifts that will make this year absolutely perfect.  We choose clothes for the perfect picture in front of the perfectly coordinated tree with the perfect gifts that will be met with squeals of delight.  I look for the perfect outfit to wear to each holiday party, whether it be funny or fancy.  Each party brings the opportunity for the perfect picture to upload to show everyone else how perfect my December is.

Tired of the word “perfect” yet?

Although most of us would be hesitant to admit it (myself included), Christmas brings pressure to show the world, and ourselves, how great life is.  We paint a picture in our minds that looks more like a Norman Rockwell painting than reality.  Our anxiety peaks as we work to make that painting come to life against all odds.  When that painting doesn’t transfer to reality, we are faced with feelings of disappointment or self-condemnation.  What if we stepped back and allowed ourselves and one another the ability to be imperfect?  There is no shame in the messiness that is normal life. We all have it, and the messy stories are the ones that are most fun to tell years later.

Quick tips for making it through the holidays:

1.  Know when to say “no”.  Your schedule is going to be packed, so pack it with things you enjoy!
2.  Take time out for yourself to recharge.
3.  Be realistic about your expectations
4.  Be honest about your feelings with a trusted friend.
5.  Continue with the healthy habits you already know.  Exercise, make wise food choices (but enjoy some treats), and make sleep a priority.  These needs don’t go away just because life gets busy.

Let’s give ourselves a break this holiday season!  Whether your Christmas looks like it was designed by Norman Rockwell or Picasso, it is yours to enjoy.  Picasso’s art is worth more anyway!